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I teach reflexology class at Aloha school of massage, Maui

ko Tan

ko Tan

i am teaching foot hand and ear reflexology at tha Aloha Massage school the first time. It is a fun space to teach and the wonderful energy of the school makes it fun and exciting to learn and staff is very helpful and happy to work with.

This class is offerred first timne in HI as this is the first class before the professional level of certification class. There is no certification of this level in the HI islands. So, I am very happy to teach here and looking forward to meeting all wonderful HI people and have a good time teaching here.

You will learn a lot an hour worth of foot routine, one hour worth of hand routine and 30 minutes of Ear reflexology routine. With this, all the attending people will be able to work on friends and families and enjoy the benefits of this wonderful modality.

If you are leaning toward more result mind oriented or energy mind oriented therapist, you will gain so much from this workshop/class. If you finished this class and want to go beyond and be professional level, please take the advanced level.

See you all here. Let me know what you think about this blog. Look forward to chat with you.

writen by Ko Tan for Aloha School of Massage Therapy

Also, for Academy of Radiant Health

Posted by: massagebykt | August 29, 2008

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